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Surrender to God’s will with this prayer

Stop resisting his will and open yourself to his plan for your life with this prayer.


We are not always open to God’s plan for our life. We like things to happen according to our plans, and are reluctant to accept what God has in store for us.Yet, the Christian life is about surrender and trusting that God’s ways are better than our ways.


Here is a short prayer from the early 20th-century My Prayer Book that focuses on conforming your will to God’s.


Lord; do with me what you will.

May your will be ever done; I only desire what you will. I desire to

suffer what you will; I desire to die when you will.


Into your hands I commend my body, my soul, my life, and my death.

I love you, O my God, whether it pleases you to send me consolations

or afflictions, and I desire to love you always.

Will of my God, you are my love. Good pleasure of my God, I devote

myself entirely to you.




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