Ten Reasons to Make a Holy Hour According to Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Ten Reasons to Make a Holy Hour According to Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Have you ever wondered why it’s recommended to spend an hour a day meditating? The truth is that we often live on the surface of our souls, not knowing much about ourselves or God. Most of our problems stem from mistakes in our life plans since we’ve forgotten the purpose of living and even doubted the value of it. Our souls are in agony because we’re not tending to the fullness of Life, Truth, and Love, which is God. It’s like a broken bone that causes pain because it’s not where it should be.

However, there are ten good reasons why we should make a Holy Hour.

Firstly, it’s time spent in the presence of Our Lord Himself. If our faith is alive, no further reason is needed. Secondly, it helps us shake off the “noonday devils,” the worldly cares, that cling to our souls like dust. Thirdly, it keeps a balance between the spiritual and practical aspects of our lives. Fourthly, it helps us make reparation for the sins of the world and our own sins. Fifthly, it reduces our liability to temptation and weakness. Sixthly, it’s a personal prayer that shows our love for God. Seventhly, it keeps us from seeking an external escape from our worries and miseries. Eighthly, it’s necessary for the Church. Ninthly, it helps us practice what we preach. And lastly, it brings us closer to God and helps us understand the mystery of His government.

So, if you’re ever wondering why it’s worth spending an hour a day meditating, remember these ten reasons. It’s not an obligation forced upon us; it’s a way to cultivate our friendship with God and achieve spiritual fellowship with Him.

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