Ten Simple Steps to Strengthen and Protect the Family

Ten Simple Steps to Strengthen and Protect the Family

1. Embracing Holy Matrimony

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is the solid foundation upon which a family is built. It grants couples the grace to grow in love, faithfulness, and openness to life. Building a union without this sacrament is like constructing a house on sand, destined to crumble.

2. Nurturing Prayer in the Family

Prayer is essential for sanctifying the family. Following the example of Father Patrick Peyton, let us unite as a family in praying the Rosary, for it holds the power to keep families together.

3. Embracing the Sacramental Life

Attending Mass regularly and actively participating in the sacraments is crucial for the spiritual growth of the family. Through the Holy Eucharist, the family receives God’s love and grace.

4. Embracing Life and Rejecting Contraception

Rejecting the prevailing contraceptive mentality and embracing openness to life is crucial. Let us revive the mindset of welcoming children as precious gifts from God and nurture larger families.

5. Cultivating Mercy and Forgiveness

Resentments and unforgiveness poison the family, leading to constant quarrels and bitterness. Let us choose forgiveness as a divine virtue and avoid letting resentments destroy the family bond.

6. Prioritizing Communication

Lack of honest and frequent communication is a common ailment in many families. Effective communication between spouses, parents, and children is essential for a healthy family life.

7. Mealtime: A Sacred Opportunity for Communication

Mealtime should be a sacred occasion for the family to come together, free from distractions. No electronic devices—just genuine conversation, attentive listening, and love for one another.

8. Reviving the Spirit of Courtship and Honeymoon

Married couples should strive to keep the flame of love alive by dedicating time to each other. Recreate the cherished moments of courtship and honeymoon, fostering a deeper emotional bond.

9. Sunday: The Lord’s Day and Family Day

Sunday is not only a day to worship and attend Mass but also a day for family activities. Engage in various family-oriented pursuits, such as shared meals, sports, nature walks, board games, and quality time with loved ones.

10. Entrusting the Family to Mary’s Care

Consecrate your family to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and our spiritual mother. Wear the Scapular as a sign of dedication and pray the Holy Rosary together. Find refuge and solace in the loving embrace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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