Three simple prayers to ensure an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING new year

Last year has been difficult for us all – but every bad and disheartening event that came with 2021 doesn’t need to follow us into 2022. Everything begins and ends with the choices we make but some things are entirely out of our control. That’s where God steps in.

Last year may have been rough for you and your family but God has a multitude of blessings coming your way. The following three simple prayers will help you meet God halfway and can completely turn your life around this new year.

1. Pray for Patience


The Lord has told us to rely on and trust in him for all good and perfect things. Just look to Proverbs 3:5-6, which states: “Trust wholeheartedly in the Lord, put no faith in your own perception; acknowledge him in every course you take, and he will see that your paths are smooth.”

Learning to be patient and to trust is always difficult at first. When you feel stress coming on, say a quick prayer for patience, understanding, and forgiveness.

Maybe someone in your office didn’t finish their section of an important presentation you’re going to give. Keeping your cool in this situation is important.

Be patient – The situation is out of your hands and stressing about it will be of no help to anyone.

Be understanding – You can’t control everything. Best not to become upset about it.

Be forgiving – First forgive yourself for reacting negatively, then forgive your coworker. They know how important the presentation is. They aren’t being malicious. Things just sometimes come up at the worst times – but God has got your back.

Prayer for Patience


Lord God,

Please give me patience in times of hardship.

Grant me peace in the face of stress

And understanding when things don’t go my way.

Father God,

Forgive me for being impatient,

Forgive me my faults.

Give me strength, Lord,

To wait.

Calm my heart and soothe my frustrations,

These I lay at the foot of the cross.

Help me stay calm, maintain a positive attitude and be patient.

Thank you, Father,



2. Pray for Discernment


Sometimes God bestows blessings in disguise and we don’t have the eyes to see them. Did Joseph see the most amazing gift when he heard his betrothed was with child? No. It took an angel’s word to make him believe. Can you imagine what Joseph must have felt at first? Betrayed by the woman he loves, angry at the situation, shamed, afraid, maybe even devastated with a broken heart. But God had greater plans, plans Joseph couldn’t even imagine.

Sometimes God places us in situations we don’t understand. Maybe your new boss expects perfection and gives you a hard time. Instead of viewing this as a problem, think of it as an opportunity to prove yourself and learn more skills.
Maybe it takes weeks, months or years of working under this person before an opportunity comes along but by the time promotions are offered, you find you are suddenly more than eligible for the position.

You may not understand why you are put in a situation but the rewards are always waiting on the other side.

Prayer for Discernment


Heavenly Father,

I pray you to give me the eyes to see through the enemy’s lies.

I ask for discernment between trials and attacks.

Please, Lord, teach me to see

All that You have for my life.

Help me understand how to turn bad situations

Into Your Glory.

Thank you, Father,

For all you do for me.



3. Pray for Faith


As Catholics, we hold tightly to faith – but as humans we sometimes doubt. When things go wrong for a long amount of time, it can be difficult to maintain faith in anything. Maybe the decision to take a job in a new city was the right decision for your life but because you don’t know anyone, you struggle to feel anything but homesick. You thought the pay raise and impressive job title were worth the move but not you’re not so sure. Have faith.

God’s word is absolute. If we are walking the path of righteousness, He will help us along the way.

Hebrews 12:11 explains: “Of course, and discipline is at the time a matter for grief, not joy; but later, in those who have undergone it, it bears fruit in peace and uprightness.”

The verse is saying you have to work through the tough times to make it to the good on the other side. Maybe things are hard right now but you’ll eventually meet people, who will turn into friends, who will introduce you to more friends, some of whom may even become best friends or a future spouse!

Just because it is dark now, have faith and know there will be light in the morning. – In the meantime, cling tightly to Christ’s robes. Believe change will come and pray for it. Is there anything you can do to change your situation? Pray about it then act on it.


Prayer for Faith



I struggle with _______ and need your help.

I thought I was walking the correct path

But I have failed again and again.

Please Father,

Help me hold to faith in You and Your plan for

My life.

Give me faith to believe that when you stand with me,

Nothing can stand against me.

Thank you for your blessings, Lord,

Help me recognize them when they come my way

And keep my heart from straying from Your Truth.

Thank you, Father.


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