Conjoined Twins’ Amazing Sacramental Journey Before Passing

The heartwarming tale of Nicole and Austin LeBlanc, a devout Catholic couple hailing from Michigan, has deeply touched the hearts of many. Initially shared by CNA on April 27, their inspiring journey was recounted during an interview with EWTN News Nightly, shedding light on their experiences upon discovering they were expecting conjoined twins.

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Rachel Clare and Maria Therese LeBlanc were born alive and were baptized and confirmed before taking their last breaths. Photo courtesy of Nicole and Austin LeBlanc

These precious girls, Rachel Clare and Maria Therese, shared vital organs including a heart. As soon as medical professionals labeled the pregnancy as high-risk and recommended termination, Nicole firmly believed that she carried two extraordinary little blessings.

Originally slated for an early June cesarean section, the surgery was rescheduled due to their growth stalling, along with their heart rate. At 32 weeks’ gestation, the LeBlancs were finally able to meet their babies on May 16.

Rachel Clare and Maria Therese were born alive, receiving immediate baptism and confirmation.

In an Instagram post, Nicole expressed, “For about an hour, they lived until their last breaths. Austin and I showered our girls with love until their final moments, encompassing their entire lives with nothing but love.”

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She continued, “God designed them so exquisitely within my womb, and it was a tremendous honor and privilege to carry them for as long as I could. Their presence has touched countless lives, and the overwhelming support my family has received has been truly remarkable.”

Upon learning the news, Nicole turned to social media to share their remarkable journey with others, intending to serve as a beacon of love and hope.

Throughout their ordeal, the couple placed their unwavering faith to the test and found solace in praying the rosary together daily.

Austin shared during the EWTN News Nightly interview, “Every night, we come together and pray the rosary. It holds great significance for us… and knowing that God has a purpose for everything and a plan for everything.”

In addition to their unwavering faith, the couple drew inspiration from several saints and biblical figures, as reflected in the names they chose for their twin girls.

“We desired for our babies to be offerings to the Blessed Mother, so we named one of them Maria, the Latin name for Mary,” explained Nicole. “And personally, I have always felt a special connection with the Old Testament tale of Rachel, which led us to name our other daughter Maria Therese and Rachel Clare.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Nicole received an outpouring of prayers and support from both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

In a tweet, Nicole shared that her beloved baby girls are now “delighting in the wonders of the beatific vision.”

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