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How late is too late to fulfill Sunday Mass obligation?


There is no legal or pre-defined answer to this. The Church wants everyone to attend Mass on Sundays, not parts or percentages of Mass.

There are things to know and consider, however:

Firstly, you have to know, the Mass begins with the procession not the Sign of the Cross. So coming before the procession would be “early” or “on time”. So technically, coming after this could be considered coming late. More so because it might be a while before you fully settle in and get your head in the Mass. This is why I always advise people to arrive ten minutes before the procession.

Another thing to consider is, why are you late? If you were late because you were tending to a sick person in your family or some other essential responsibilities, then we still fulfill our obligation. But if you were lazy to get ready on time or were not so worried about time, then this is a problem. Fulfilling mass obligation isn’t just about showing up but giving God your heart and your commitment.

How late is too late to fulfill Sunday Mass obligation?

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