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If you are an Exhausted mother say this prayer for strength to St Rose

If you are an Exhausted mother say this prayer for strength to St Rose

St Rose of Lima wanted to become a nun but faced great opposition from her parents. They wanted her to get married and have kids. Some records show they resorted to ridicule but she kept her peace and respected them. Here is a prayer to invoke this wonderful saint who, even when her parents did not treat her well, helped them when they were in dire financial needs by working all day and all night to help out the family.

So if you feel exhausted, ask God for more heavenly strength with these words:

St. Rose, devout Virgin, fragrant rose in the garden of God, sweetly blooming amid the thorns of distressing tribulation and severe mortification, white as snow in the immaculate innocence of your heart, glowing in the love of God that consumed you. 

Your devotedness to your parents was so great that you labored night and day to relieve their poverty, and most tenderly cared for them in their sickness.

Most grateful, most humble daughter, have pity on me and my children. Teach me, by conduct truly Christian, to deserve the warmhearted gratitude of my children. Teach my children to appreciate my love and the numerous sacrifices that I cheerfully make for their sake; teach them to repay the same by filial love and obedience, and chiefly by fervent prayers for me. 

Bless me and my entire family. May our hearts be intimately united even in adversity. Let us not place our happiness in temporal prosperity, but rather in the hope of a future eternal blessedness. 

Pray, likewise, O sainted patroness of America, for all Christian mothers in particular, that Christian life and sentiments may everywhere be awakened among them. May these sentiments spread far and wide, uniting all families into the one great family of God, in which Jesus Christ may live and rule with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen

If you are an Exhausted mother say this prayer for strength to St Rose

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