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Jesus gave this nun a 7-word prayer to be an “unceasing act of love”

Through the ministry of Venerable Maria Consolata Betrone, many of us might use this prayer as a way to get through the day.

Pierina Lorenzina Betrone was born in Saluzzo, Italy, on April 6, 1903. She was the daughter of Pietro Betrone and Guiseppina Nirino, who owned a bakery shop. Pierina was the second of six daughters born to them. Pierina started off as any average child might. She was healthy and growing as expected. She was pleasant and fun to be with. No one would ever have guessed that she was chosen by Jesus to be one of His beloved Victim Souls.

Pierina was living a normal childhood and had entered her teenage years. She was devout in her prayer life and devoted to the Rosary. One day, when she was 13, she was on her way to do errands for her mom. She described the experience she has as a prayer bursting forth from her young heart. She stopped right where she was, and from within her came the words, “My God, I love you!” She was swept up in a feeling of spiritual intensity. This would be the beginning of her special relationship with the Lord. Savefromá 116 anos atrás, nascia a “Consoladora” do Sagrado Coração de Jesus! Conheça sua história15Gislaine LogradoEducation

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pierina dedicated herself to the Blessed Virgin. Walking back to her pew after receiving Holy Communion, she clearly heard the words, “Do you want to be Mine?”

She did not understand but the moment was so powerful, she burst into tears. Through her tears and without knowing what was actually happening, she answered, “Yes.”

Pierina knew she was called to religious life, but she seemed to be hitting obstacles as she tried to be admitted to uncloistered orders. She did not despair, believing that Jesus was preparing her for the work He had in store. It was not until she was 21 that she was finally able to become part of an order.

Her confessor, Don Accomasso, realized that she was meant to join a cloistered order and he advised her to enter the Convent of the Poor Clares (Order of Franciscan Capuchins) in Turin, Italy. She entered the convent on April 17, 1929. After the normal preparation and discernment periods were complete, she happily accepted her veil. The date was February 28, 1930. She took the name of Sister Maria Consolata.

Jesus was guiding her along on the spiritual path and life that He was calling for her to live. The name Consolata means consoler, and she would become the “consoler” of His most Sacred Heart. Plus, the Blessed Mother is venerated in Turin under the name Consolata. It was on the same day of receiving her Veil that she heard the words, “I do not call you for more than this: an act of continual love.”

Sister Maria Consolata took her perpetual vows on April 8, 1934. She worked hidden from the world as a cook, doorkeeper, and a cobbler. On November 9, 1934, Sister Consolata wrote that “Jesus was revealing to her the intimate sufferings of His Heart caused by the faithlessness of souls consecrated to Him.”

The time had now come when Sister Maria Consolata began having the burning desire to make reparation for the sins of the world. She wrote that Jesus told her, “Do not think of me as a harsh God, because I am foremost the God of  love.”

This became the time when Jesus gave Sister Consolata the prayer he wanted all to say from then on; “Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save souls.” She began to repeat this one prayer, over and over and over, during all her waking hours. Jesus had instructed her that “an unceasing act of love” was expressed in the words of that prayer.

Sister Maria Consolata suffered greatly from Tuberculosis. In 1939 she wrote, “It is my fate to die in little pieces.” “Little pieces” it was, for she suffered terribly until her passing on July 18, 1946. She was 43 years old. 

Sister Maria had filled page after page of quotes from Jesus, her Lord and Savior. They are all documented. On April 6, 2019, Pope Francis declared her Venerable Maria Consolata Betrone.

“There is a beautiful supplication, a quick prayer that our Lord gave to Sister Maria [Consolata] Betrone. It says — ‘Jesus and Mary, I love You. Save souls.’ It is very simple, but oh, it carries a lot of weight.” -Mother M Angelica of EWTN

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