Lovers will always lie, here’s why

Lovers will always lie, here’s why

Now that you are alive, you have people you live for, people you consider soul mates. You have a family for whom you live, who have shared your life, in whose life you share as well.

We are social beings.

You, like every normal human being, crave company. We all want to be loved; yearn to love even more. We want to be valued, and we also want to pour our lives on someone or people. The love we experience here is very powerful, so much so that its act of consummation (Conjugal Union) gives life to another Living person in marriage.

However, even in the midst of all the company and beneath all that love is a certain, kind of necessary, unavoidable betrayal. Far from the normal interpretation of betrayal, this one is even more devastating since, at one time, we feel so alone and so abandoned—that moment is death.

When we die, we will feel detached, torn from all the things we once enjoyed, from family, friends, and a marital partner whom we love dearly. We feel “Alone,” the more we have been pledged eternal “Unending love,” the more the pain we shall experience. This pain will be there if we have no friend to walk with us, hand to hold us, no lips to speak words of love and comfort to us, or shoulder to lean upon when we are weary on our eternal journey. These earthly friends become separated from us in a certain sense. We can no longer share their lives like we used to.

What of the underworld?

Amid all this confusion is a friend whose hands are long enough to reach us even in the underworld, whose feet have walked those paths, whose power conquered the darkness therein, Jesus is his name. If our lives have been one of friendship and service to the Lord, we shall be sure his power and mercy will lead us to our homeland. No friend is more important than Jesus, for at last, when our feet are prepared to walk the longest distance of all, he will be there to walk each step with us.

Why then would someone ever replace pleasing Jesus with pleasing men who have no true love for us? Men who would lie to take advantage of us, men who, even though they are faithful to us, cannot keep their promise of “loving us forever” of “always being there” since if we do not die and leave, they die and abandon us. Men who would only weep, wipe their eyes and quickly replace us with someone probably better than us.

What a friend we have in Jesus !!!



Lovers will always lie, here’s why

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