Martyred Ulm family will be beatified in September

In their hometown of Markowa, Poland, the Ulm family of nine, including parents Jozef and Wiktoria and their seven children, were brutally murdered by the Nazis during World War II. Despite the risks and financial difficulties, the Ulms hid a Jewish family in their home for a year and a half until they were discovered and met their tragic fate.

Their story of selflessness and courage has earned them the title of Venerable Servants of God, and on September 10, 2023, the entire Ulm family, including the unborn child in Wiktoria’s womb, will be beatified in a rare and momentous event. While it is not uncommon for a married couple or several martyrs to be beatified on the same day, it is exceedingly rare for parents and their children to be honored together in this way. Pope Francis approved a decree on the martyrdom of the Ulm family in December 2022, cementing their place in history as models of faith and devotion.

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