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Prayer for a greater love of God by Fr. Francis Xavier

Loving God is the center of Christianity, but we sometimes need a little push to increase God’s Love in our hearts.

The Crucifix; Evidence of the Love of God

The Crucifix is a great reminder of the depth of God’s Love for humanity. He gave his only son to die for our sins hereby saving us.

For God so Love the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

This love that is portrayed on the crucifix, should then motivate us to love God in return.

However, our love for God is often very little, for he has Loved us way more than we love him. But we should often try to increase that by making great efforts every day, in our prayers and deeds.

Turn to God for help

If we hunger to acquire a greater Love of God, one of the best ways is to ask God for help. The Irony is that we cannot do it alone. Realizing this, we must turn to God with a simple act of humility.

The source of love can, in turn, teach us how to love. Here is the prayer:


My Jesus, you well know that I love you, but I do not love you enough.

Oh, help me to love you more. O Love which burns always and is never extinguished,

my God, you who are charity itself, kindle in my heart that divine fire

which consumes the saints and transforms them into you.


Fr. Francis Xavier Lasance’s. “With God that begs God for a more loving heart”

This Prayer is can be integrated into our daily Prayers.

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