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Prayer for those who will die today

Ask God to have mercy on those who are in their last agony and will breathe their last breath in this moment.


As much as we try to avoid it, all of us will die at some point, and many will die at this very moment. These people will not recover from their sickness or accident, and will pass from this life to the next.It is the fate of all human beings, and while it can be difficult to let go of our loved ones, the good news is that God has prepared a place for all of us.


Here is a prayer for all those who will die today, asking God to have mercy on their soul and to lead them into Eternal Life. This can comfort our soul, knowing that death does not have the last say and that it is only the beginning of our life united with God, where every tear will be wiped away.


Most merciful Jesus, Lover of souls! I ask you, by the agony of your most sacred Heart, and by the sorrows of your immaculate Mother, cleanse in your own blood everyone in the whole world who are now in their agony and will die this day. Amen.


Heart of Jesus, once in agony, have mercy on the dying.

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Raphael Benedict

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