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Prayer that St. Joseph’s spirit of peace would spread in the Church

St. John XXIII turned to St. Joseph for guidance at the beginning of the Second Vatican Council.


When preparing for the Second Vatican Council, St. John XXIII composed a prayer to St. Joseph in his document Le Voci, asking him to protect the Church during their deliberations.

This prayer remains a fitting one, asking God to infuse the Church with St. Joseph’s “spirit of peace.”


O St. Joseph! Here, here is where you belong as Protector Universalis Ecclesiae! Always be our protector. May thy inner spirit of peace, of silence, of good work, and of prayer for the cause of Holy Church always be an inspiration to us and bring us joy in union with thy blessed spouse, our most sweet and gentle and Immaculate Mother, and in the strong yet tender love of Jesus, the glorious and immortal King of all ages and peoples. Amen.


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