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Prayer that we will enter Heaven through our imitation of Jesus

If we want to reach Heaven, we need to follow after Jesus, even if it seems like an impossible task.

At times Heaven can seem like a place far, far away. It is a destination we think we will never reach.However, Heaven is not meant to be seen in that way. In fact, Heaven is much more attainable than we realize.

The key to reaching Heaven is to imitate, as closely as we can, the life of Jesus. That may seem like a rather large task, but we should ask ourselves, “Do we even try?”

Often we don’t even try, thinking it isn’t possible. In a certain sense that is true, as the only way we can imitate Jesus is with Jesus’ help! We can’t do it alone. We need his help.

Here is a short prayer asking for God’s help, pleading to honor Jesus and imitate his example.

Almighty and everlasting God, Lord of heaven and earth, grant that we, honoring the holy mysteries of your Son, and daily imitating him in our lives, may come to the kingdom of Heaven promised by you. Amen.

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