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Prayer to feel Jesus’s love when receiving communion

Ask Jesus to come into your soul at communion and allow you to feel his love.


Often when we approach holy communion at Mass, we do not have any sensible feelings. It can be tempting to regard communion as a common event, something that has no effect on our soul.Yet the reality behind communion is that Jesus himself enters our soul! It is a profound mystery, one that we don’t always understand or remember.


One way to better appreciate this great gift of Jesus is to ask him for even a small glimmer of sensible feelings of his love. If it is in his will, he may even grant you that glimmer, which was known to overwhelm the saints.


Here is a brief prayer adapted from the Family Prayer Book that asks Jesus for this gift, a prayer that may be recited before receiving communion.


O, my dear Savior, the God of my heart, come to me and fill my soul; withdraw it from all created things, and let it be wholly fixed on you. I love you, O God; teach me to love you more and more. Teach me to feel an answering love to that which prompted you to institute this sacrament for our welfare. O, let not thy kindness be lost on me! Inflame me with the thought of your goodness; grant me those feelings of love and devotion which may produce a lasting effect upon my future conduct.


Let nothing hereafter disturb the pure gladness of my soul, which you will this day soothe with your presence. Grant me that love and devotion in this holy communion which may calm every worldly thought and care, and may fit my breast to be the blessed abode of divine charity.


Prepare me for this gift by the help of the Holy Spirit. Grant me now and ever to love you with my whole heart, with my whole soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind, and never to forget the great mercy now given to me in this holy communion. 

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  1. In the New Testament, agape love is a fruit of the Spirit. The sacraments associated with receiving the Holy Spirit are Baptism and Confirmation. Most of the petitions in the prayer to feel Jesus’ love are better suited for these two sacraments. The peace and strength which may calm every worldly thought and care are also fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). This requires us to have the Spirit of Christ within us prior to the Eucharist; otherwise, we are not in the state of grace.

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