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Rekindle your Love for God to grow with this Short Prayer

Loving God is the core of Christianity; the centre of our faith! Even in the best days, we sometimes need a little help to rekindle that love.

When we look at a crucifix, it should remind us of the enormous love God has for us. This love that is on full display should then drives us to love God in return.

However, our love of God is often very little. We fail to make any effort to love God, even though he has loved us so much.

How to rekindle our Love for God?

God never ceases to show us Love and always pulls mankind towards himself. This is evident in his ultimate sacrifice; that the Son of God would sacrifice his life to save mankind. Every day at mass, we celebrate this great gesture of Love and his triumphant resurrection. We receive him in the Eucharist every day.

No matter what we are going through in life, we should never turn our back on him. If we desire to increase that love, to constantly yarn for him, one of the best ways to do so is to ask God for help. The source of love can in turn, teach us how to love.

Here is a short prayer from Fr. Francis Xavier Lasance’s book With God that begs God for a more loving heart.

My Jesus, you well know that I love you, but I do not love you enough. Oh, help me to love you more. O Love which burns always and is never extinguished, my God, you who are charity itself, kindle in my heart that divine fire which consumes the saints and transforms them into you. Amen.

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