State Health Examiner Concurs: McCarrick Declared Unfit for Trial

Mental Health Expert Deems Theodore McCarrick Incompetent for Trial in Sexual Abuse Case

The latest update in the criminal sexual abuse charges against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick reveals that a mental health expert hired by the state of Massachusetts, has determined that McCarrick is not competent to stand trial. This development could potentially lead to the dismissal of the first criminal charges filed against McCarrick, who was removed from the clerical state in 2019 following numerous accusations of sexual abuse involving minors and seminarians. While criminal sexual assault charges against McCarrick in Wisconsin remain pending, several civil lawsuits are also ongoing.

McCarrick currently faces three counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14 in state court in Massachusetts. These allegations relate to incidents of sexual abuse that allegedly took place in the 1970s during a wedding ceremony at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The individual identified as the victim, James Grein, came forward in 2018 with allegations of serial sexual abuse by McCarrick starting when Grein was just 11 years old.

According to a press release from the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts arranged for a mental health expert to evaluate McCarrick’s condition in Missouri after his legal team filed a motion in February claiming his “legal incompetence” due to “significant, worsening, and irreversible dementia.” This motion was supported by a neurological examination conducted by Dr. David Schretlen, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Although the final report of the state’s examination is not available to the public, it is currently being evaluated. The next hearing in the case, scheduled for August 30, will likely involve testimony from the state’s examiner.

McCarrick, who had remained silent throughout the case, briefly commented on the charges during a phone call with in February. He denied the allegations made by James Grein, stating that they were untrue. McCarrick declined to discuss the ongoing criminal case but directed further inquiries to his lawyer.

Grein, in his interviews with, described McCarrick as a close family friend who would attend their gatherings and was affectionately known as “Uncle Ted.” Grein alleged that McCarrick sexually and spiritually abused him in various locations, including their homes, hotels, and during confession.

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