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Video: Our Lady Statue Allegedly Weeping Oil & Honey in Brazil

For almost 30 years, this statue now known as Our Lady of Honey has been crying salt, honey, and oil.  Monsignor Edmilson José Zanin captured a very wonderful video of it some weeks ago, showing the alleged tears up close.


The Statue of Our Lady of Honey arrived at the Church of la Iglesia de San José y Santa Teresita in Aguas de Santa Barbara, where the video was captured.

A Brazillian television program Padre em Missão first told the amazing story back in 1993. 

The owner of the Statue Lilian Aparecida was deeply devoted to Our Lady of Fatima and observed the 13th of each month with the rosary. She owned a small statue which she prayed with but one day it broke.

A neighbor bought her a new one on her trip to Portugal, from the city of Fatima on October 20, 1991. On May 13, 1993, Lilian noticed her new statue was wet. She wiped it away but saw tears continuing to fall. When her rosary companions came they also witnessed the incident.

Soon the Statue was transferred to their parish and it suddenly started crying salt. About a week later, the salt turned into honey. Since then the statue was known as Our Lady of Honey.

Father Oscar Donizete Clemente of the diocese of São José do Rio Preto in an interview with Fr Reginaldo Manzotti said the scientists analyzed the elements several times and found water, salt, oil, and honey.

The Church has not made any official pronouncements since then. But has allowed for the statue to move to different parishes throughout Brazil.

Video: Our Lady Statue Allegedly Weeping Oil & Honey in Brazil

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