When does Jesus want you to fight?

When does Jesus want you to fight?

It looks like the world is designed for you to fail, that’s why nature pushes you to decay when you stay still. The world will only reward you for activity, positivity, and continuous movement.

This universe is one of constant motion. The earth races at high speeds and spins in all directions just to stay stable and still for you.

You must therefore race if you want to be stable; if you want to grow and thrive and if you want to win.

The world is designed to kill you if you stay still if you keep your mouth shut in the face of evil and if you refuse to be courageous and speak up for yourself and for others. If you’re a mat, you will be trampled to death. This is just a simple truth. So many people believe being a Christian means never fighting for anything, but accepting any and everything with resignation. Nope, this is passivity, and Christians are not called to be passive and weak.

Courage and weakness

Jesus does not want you to be lacking in courage. Jesus wants those who know how to skirt the lines between courage and meekness, so you have to be as wise as serpents but at the same time calm as doves. You strike, and strike hard (non-violently ALL THE TIME) anytime there’s a threat to human life in your community. Passivity is acquiescence! And best be sure that Jesus does not want you to be passive. Walking the “straight and narrow“, means, among other things, finding the balance between courage and sacrifice.

When a company takes more than their due and treats your life with disregard, what does this say to you? It is a call to defend the lives of others behind you. It is not the time to say “ah, Jesus would want me to be humble”. Humility has many faces; sometimes, it presents itself as forgiveness, other times it presents itself as a lion tearing evil to pieces!

So, let’s speak more, let’s do more, and let’s live more.

When does Jesus want you to fight?

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