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Detroit archdiocese challenged to ‘Unleash the Gospel’

The Archbishop of Detroit has issued a pastoral letter for his local Church which aims to encourage evangelization as an “outward, mission-focused" Church through proper formation and evangelical charity. Issued June 3, the Vigil of Pentecost, Unleash the Gospel is the fruit of a diocesan synod held in 2016. The missionary conversion at which the

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Could US tax reform drive down charitable giving?

As President Donald Trump and Congress get set to undertake tax reform, some are concerned that Republican tax proposals could lead to drastic reductions in charitable giving. “I don’t think that it was intended, by any means, that they want to harm charitable giving," Brian W. Walsh, executive director of the Faith & Giving Coalition,

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Iraqi Christians endure despite persecution, Chaldean bishop says

Iraq’s Christians have suffered persecution for centuries, yet their faith has survived and the community will remain, provided their material needs are met, a Chaldean Catholic bishop has said. “The story of suffering of Iraqi Christians is an ongoing phenomenon," Bishop Bawai Soro, auxiliary bishop of the Chaldean Eparchy of Saint Peter the Apostle of

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Delaware legislature votes to drop restrictions on abortion

In Delaware, lawmakers’ vote to pass a bill that would strike down almost all remaining abortion restrictions drew strong criticism from pro-life advocates, who warned it would provide safe harbor for Kermit Gosnell-style abortionists. “Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are using Delaware as a testing ground for their extreme legislation to ensure abortionists can carry

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Can the Catholic Church help an addicted generation?

Young Americans are dying at a rate not seen since the Vietnam War. But they are not dying in combat – they’re dying of the effects of drug overdoses, alcoholism, mental illness and suicide, at a rate 200 percent higher than the 1980s in much of the United States. A recent report from the U.S.

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Texas bishops decry state’s new immigration law

Two Texas bishops have defended from charges of fear mongering the opponents of a new law which targets sanctuary cities for immigrants, explaining that the bill draws little distinction between criminals and undocumented immigrants. The law in question, Senate Bill 4, was signed into law May 7. It will take effect in September, and requires

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