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The Church isn’t enough! Pope Francis explains what newly wed and engaged couples REALLY need

While most imagine white wedding dresses, beautiful flowers, a blushing bride and an ecstatic groom, Pope Francis gets to the nitty gritty. During his annual speech at the Holy See on Saturday, Pope Francis expressed his views on marriage. he stressed the importance of effective education and marriage preparations before two people decide to officially

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Is driving fast a mortal sin?

Full Question Somebody told me that driving fast is a mortal sin. I can’t believe that. Is it? Answer Yes, if it threatens harm to you or anyone else. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says: “The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, or

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Can reconciliation be given online?

Full Question Can reconciliation be given online? Answer The sacrament of reconciliation cannot be validly received online. It also cannot be received by mail, phone, telegram, e-mail, carrier pigeon, or any other means except personal, one-to-one contact with a priest.

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How do I arrange for confession & communion?

Full Question I’m homebound, want communion, need confession first, what do I do? Answer You can simply contact your local parish.  You can make an appointment for the priest to visit you for confession and communion.  The priest may not be able to come every week and may have deacons or laity helping with weekly

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Aren’t We Saved by Faith Alone?

OBJECTOR: The other day I was reading the book of Galatians, and it struck me how much emphasis Paul places on faith as the means of salvation. Then I asked myself how Catholics can believe in justification by works. If the Catholic Church really believes the Bible, as it claims, how can it continue to teach

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Can Catholics go into another religion’s place of worship?

Full Question Are Catholics permitted to enter or visit another religion’s place of worship? Answer While Catholics should always be respectful of the sensibilities of others and not enter where we are not welcome, it is not problematic to visit another place of worship for social or educational purposes.  Catholics should, however, avoid actually participating

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Can a Pope declare a dogma?

Full Question Can a Pope declare a dogma, and how? Answer Yes, the Pope can declare a dogma.  When the Pope speaks ex cathedra (“from the chair”) he is defining something that all Catholics are to believe.  This authority is granted to St. Peter by Jesus in Matthew 16:17-19. As the Baltimore Catechism states: Q. 531.

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Can Catholics attend a Passover meal?

Full Question as a catholic am I allowed to attend a Passover meal? Answer The Passover Sedar belongs to the Jewish people.  It is their feast and celebration.  However, since Christianity is rooted in Judaism and the Eucharist has its beginning in a Passover meal it can be of benefit for a Catholic to accept

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Are Catholics Wrong About John 6? Part II

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HERE’S HOW TO RESPOND to two arguments that Protestants commonly turn to in order to disprove the Catholic understanding of John 6. They are: (1) the argument from “The flesh is of no avail” and “My words are spirit and life” and (2) the “door” and the “vine” argument. In my previous article of this two-part

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