If you can’t fight anymore, invoke the Holy Spirit like this

Refresh me. Heal me. Mend my ways.

The sequence of the Holy Spirit, read or sung on Pentecost before the reading of the Gospel, is a translation of the Latin hymn Veni Sancte Spiritus. It’s been part of the liturgy for centuries, and also serves as a beautiful prayer for personal use.Here is an adaption of this prayer, especially for the days when you feel your strength has come to an end:

Come, O Holy Spirit, come!

Flood me with your healing light.

Illumine my heart.


Come, Father of the poor,

You alone have the gifts that endure.


You who are the truest, the only, the best Consoler,

be the Guest of my soul.


Inflame me with courage.

In hard labor, You are rest.

Be my rest when my strength is gone.

Refresh me.

Give me solace in every woe.


O most blessed divine Light,

Shine Your radiance in me,

Fill my inmost being.

Breathe in me.


Refresh me. Heal me. Mend my ways.


Bend my stubborn heart and will.

Guide me when I turn astray.


Give me joy that will never end.

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